Getting Started

Initiating your project

Do you know what you hope to achieve, but aren't quite sure how best to do it? Contact us for a creative consultation. We'll lead you through a discovery conversation that will help identify your audience, goals, key messages, and other characteristics of your project, and suggest creative approaches to find solutions. To schedule a creative consultation, or to ask any questions about working with the UO Creative team, e-mail

Do you already know what you need? If you need a specific piece created, start by filling out a Job Request Form (username and password are both “jobrequest”). The information you'll need includes, due date (be sure to allow sufficient time for editing, design, approvals, and printing), quantity, index to be charged, delivery instructions, and your contact information. Please include any copy, images, or other files at the bottom of the form. If you'd like us to provide stock photography, be sure to include all necessary information in the notes.

Submitting Text and Art

If we will be working with your text, it should be as accurate and complete as possible. Changes made at later stages become progressively more costly and may affect deadlines.

  • Do not format copy except for embedded bold and italic text.
  • Check spelling, grammar, and facts.
  • Give us only the file relevant to the job.
  • Submit all text in one file.
  • Attach your copy at the bottom of the job request form.

If you have photographs, illustrations, or graphs to include in your piece, please provide them when you submit your project. They can be attached at the bottom of the job request form. Photos should be the highest resolution possible and should be cleared for use by artist and model.

Revising Existing Publications

If you need to revise a publication and the changes are relatively minor, please upload a commented PDF with your job request. If the changes are more complex, it may be easier to submit some or all of the text in a new file.

Project Timelines

Although all jobs are different, most will conform to the schedule below. Times are estimated from receipt of all needed materials to completion of product.

Two weeks
Reprints and most minor revisions to existing projects.

Three to 12 weeks
Most new projects, extensive revisions to existing projects.

On a tighter schedule? Contact us anyway. Depending on our workload, we can sometimes turn projects around more quickly. Some things, such as consulting, design review, and simple revisions or reprints can often be done very quickly.


The fee for most design projects is $200 (posters, postcards, simple brochures). Some very simple jobs, such as minor updates and reprints, cost $75. Contact us about more complicated projects to discuss costs. We offer consultation and design review at no charge.