Frequently Asked Questions

How do I submit a job request?
See Getting Started or call 541-346-5397. If you know what you need, you can submit a job request form to get your project started. If you'd like assistance finding a creative solution to reach your marketing communication goal, contact us to arrange a creative consultation. When you fill out a job request form, your project enters our system, receives a job number, and is assigned to one of our writers or designers who will be your contact throughout the design, editing, and printing processes. You will receive a confirmation e-mail within a day.

When will I hear from the designer or writer assigned to my job?
You will get a call or e-mail from your designer or writer within three business days of submitting your online job request.

What are your fees?
For most projects, we charge a flat fee of $200. Some simple jobs may cost $75, while complex or large jobs will cost more. Talk to us about your project and we'll discuss costs. Photos from our library are free. Consultation, design review, university visual and grammar style interpretation are free. 

Where do I send the addresses for my mailing job you are designing?
E-mail your mailing list—and any related questions—directly to Mailing Services at

What is the difference between digital printing (quick copy) and offset printing?
Digital printing: quicker and cheaper for small quantities.
Offset printing: takes longer but is less expensive when quantities exceed 3,000 or so. Printing presses also allow for special processes and inks such as varnishes and metallic ink.
Consult with your designer about these printing processes. We can guide you through the choices and are committed to getting you the best quality and price.

How do I submit the text and attachments?
Upload your copy and images at the bottom of the job request form. If you don't have copy and images at the time you fill out the form, send them later to your writer or designer, or to Just remember, we can't work on a project with no content!

Can I send only part of the text and attachments?
Generally, we cannot start a project without content (unless we are working with you to create all content, including copywriting). Depending on the project, however, design may be able to start without all components—when you submit your job request, note what content is missing and when it will be available, so we can determine if we are able to launch the project without it. Late submissions may require adjustments in production schedules. Please make sure that your content has been vetted by all appropriate parties in your department before submitting it for editing and design. Doing so will help ensure that your final product is on time and error-free.

Where can I find Marketing Communications?
Our office is located just west of campus in the 10th & Mill Building, 360 E 10th Ave., Suite 202. That’s south of the Baker Downtown Center. We’re a five-minute bike ride or a 15-minute walk from campus. Catch a ride on the EmX that stops westbound at East 11th and High and eastbound at East 10th and High, or use one of the eight visitor parking spaces in the lot on the south side of our building.